New Tag Templates for Google Tag Manager

New secure third-party tag templates have been added to Google Tag Manager!

Google has announced some recent additions and changes to Tag Manager that enable easier integration with popular vendor tools, tighter security, and ensuring broader compatibility.

Making It Easy For Marketers

Marketers now have access to an ever-growing list of tag templates that make it easier to add and maintain tags without needing to code them. This means less hassle, and fewer mistakes!

Some of the recently added tag templates that can be used include:

  • Hotjar
  • Leadlab
  • Optimise
  • Bing Ads
  • Shareaholic
  • Infinity
  • Bizrate Insights
  • ...many more besides! (A full list of available tags can be found here)

All of the new Tag Manager snippets now use secure HTTPS by default regardless of the protocol used on the page (previously they defaulted to the protocol used on the page).

New Rules For Container Snippets

Another change made is to Google's recommended implementation of container snippets.

Previously the whole container was placed before the opening tag on a web page.
Now it is split into two parts:

  • the Javascript snippet should be placed as high as possible in the section of the page;
  • and the iframe snippet should be placed just after the opening tag.

According to Google any existing implementation will continue to function, but it may be a good idea to begin updating to the new format as soon as yuo have time.

And of course don't forget to test any changes you make!

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