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Google AdWords - Our Approach

... apt landing pages where appropriate.  We'll also take advantage of advanced AdWords features - such as ad extensions, geo-targeting, remarketing and advanced targeting options. Campaign Optimisation & Manag ...

Google Analytics & Optimisation

...  advertising are only the first piece of the puzzle. Once someone has clicked through to you it's down to your website to clinch the deal. Poorly designed landing pages or inadequate sales funnels c ...

Landing Page Optimisation

Analytics & Optimisation Conversion Optimisation Landing Page Optimisation GA Content Experiments Why Choose Us? Making First Impressions Count Landing pages have a few seconds to make ...

Google Optimize - New Release

From next month Google will start rolling out Google Optimize, a free version of their enterprise-class testing and personalization product, Google Optimize 360. Google Optimize is a landing page testing ...

Common PPC Terms

... given period. L Landing Page The web page you direct people to when they click onto your advert. Generally the more tailored a Landing Page is to a specific query, the better the results. N Negative ...

Bounce Rates - What Are They?

When someone visits your website the first page they look at - be it your home page or another page they were directed to for example by a search or Google Adwords - is called a "landing page".  If th ...

Reducing High Bounce Rates - Identifying Problem Areas

...  a poorly designed online marketing programme driving low quality traffic to your site a marketing programme sending people to poorly designed or inappropriate landing pages issues with your sit ...

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