Our Approach

Developing a PPC Strategy

To get started we'll spend some time to get a good understanding of your business objectives, services and customer base. We'll also want to learn about your competitors. This will enable us to devise a strategy that best fits the needs of your business and takes any challenges you face into account.

It will be important to measure the impact of your PPC campaigns. This will involve developing key performance indicators for us to monitor and base-lining performance so that we can measure future success. This may involve setting up some advanced configuration settings within your analytics software or setting up conversion tracking.

Achieving Profitability & Planning For Growth

The initial focus of your campaigns will be to experiment with search terms used by your target audience. We'll assess keywords both in terms of their potential to drive traffic and - most importantly - sales on your site.

Armed with this knowledge we'll then work to optimise your performance further, reducing the costs you pay per click and improving conversion rates to maximise your ROI.

Once campaigns achieve profitability we'll discuss the option to scale your budget based upon performance. This "growth" phase will focus on enhancing the reach of your campaigns whilst remaining profitable until your campaigns eventually reach "maturity" - where you reach the maximum audience possible.

Keyword Research

Targeting the right terms is probably one of the most critical factors in getting paid search right.

Target the wrong terms and it’s easy to waste your advertising budget with little to show for it.

It’s important to get a balance between how relevant search phrases are to you, how commonly they are searched for and the competition for them. Keyword matching types are also important to focus your advertising and filter out unwanted clicks.


A consideration of the motivation behind search phrases is critical. It’s likely that different terms will be used at different stages of the buying cycle. Targeting the right terms, adding "negative keywords" (that stop your advert showing if particular words are included in a search phrase) and adjusting adverts and landing pages can help.

Keyword Profitability

It's important to monitor the performance of individual keywords over time. If a keyword is effective at driving sales but the costs of targeting it dramatically reduce your profits then an alternative approach may be required. In some cases tactics to improve the "quality" of your advertising can help reduce the cost you pay per click and improve profitability.

How We Can Help

We’ll conduct detailed research, interview relevant stakeholders and analyse your analytics data to identify the right terms to target. We’ll then test these and refine your approach over time.

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Management & Optimisation

Armed with a good understanding of your requirements and a list of appropriate keywords to target we'll be ready to start your advertising campaigns.

Campaign Setup and Going Live

We'll organise your campaign structure to group thematically related keywords and set up ads that highlight the unique selling points of your business. We'll also ensure that these direct people to relevant pages on your website and adapt your landing pages where appropriate.

PPC Campaign Optimisation

Over time we'll experiment with different bidding strategies, new ad copy and different keyword matching options. We'll also use some advanced options - such as Adwords Campaign Experiments - to test out new ideas and identify tactics that have a statistically significant positive effect.

At all times we'll be mindful of your advertising spend and the results it's achieving. We'll use conversion tracking or your analytics software to consider the impact of your advertising from the perspective of your ROI. This will help us focus your advertising further - weeding out keywords and tactics that underperform.

Ongoing Management

PPC advertising campaigns don't exist in isolation. Your performance may change on a seasonal basis, in response to real world events and will be definitely be affected by what your competitors do.

Ongoing management will give you the peace of mind that your advertising remains as focused as possible and remains responsive to new opportunities and issues that might otherwise damage performance.

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Landing Pages

Making First Impressions Count

Targeting the right keywords and writing compelling copy for your PPC adverts is only part of the puzzle. It’s essential you get the landing page your PPC ad directs people to right.

Your landing page has only a few seconds to make a good impression. If you don’t give a visitor what they were expecting you can guarantee that they’ll leave almost immediately.

The first rule therefore is to ensure that landing pages match visitor expectations - ensuring continuity between the keywords customers search for, your advert and the page you direct them to.

Effective landing pages also need to take into account the needs of different audiences and to build trust - countering any fears or uncertainties your visitors may have.

Getting it right entails not only thinking about the copy on the page, but value propositions, imagery, layout, design, the information architecture of the page and a lot more...

Beyond The Landing Page

Landing pages don’t exist in isolation. Having got through the first hurdle you’ll want visitors to go on to purchase a product, enquire about a service or otherwise do something useful to you. It’s important therefore to optimise the full journey visitors take through your site.

Our Approach

We can help by:

  • Adopting a structured approach to optimisation
  • Implementing best practice in terms of how your landing pages should tie in with your PPC advertising
  • Developing personas to help you think through the needs of different audiences
  • Experimentation and testing – developing informed hypotheses and testing these to identify what tactics yield better results
  • The implementation of incremental improvements to your landing pages that collectively over time have a positive impact on your ROI
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PPC Reporting

What Are Your Reports Telling You?

With vast amounts of data available within your PPC program and Analytics software it can become very easy to drown in a sea of numbers.

Reports containing endless figures for impressions, click through rates and costs per click are often meaningless if they don’t put your data into context.

You do of course need to know how your account is performing but without having an understanding for why things are as they are it can be difficult to make informed decisions on how to improve your performance.

Intelligent Reporting

We work with clients to develop key performance indicators that align with their business objectives.

We will of course provide you with the latest figures for your PPC advertising but we’ll also help you understand them.

We may also be able to use your PPC data to help you gain insight into the demand for your services or otherwise provide additional insight.

Thinking Financially

Measuring your ROI is relatively straightforward if you operate an e-commerce transactional website.

If however you are looking to develop sales leads via an enquiry form this can sometimes necessitate developing financially based performance indicators. These can take into account factors such as average order values, the conversion rate of your sales team and the life time value of new client acquisitions.

Getting The Right Report To The Right Person

The requirements for what your CEO wants to see in a report are of course likely to be different to those of your marketing manager. As such we'll work with you to customise reporting so that the right feedback goes to the right person.

Get in touch

For further information please contact us at info@andersanalytics.com.

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