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We help charities maximise the potential of receiving a Google grant.  We'll ensure that you drive relevant traffic to your site and that the grant supports your charity's online objectives.

An Introduction To Google Grants

The Google Grants programme is a unique in-kind donation programme that offers eligible charities up to $10,000 a month in Adwords advertising spend.

Advanced users that reach this limit can also apply for the GrantsPro scheme which increases your budget to $40,000 per month (although please note Google are not currently accepting new applications).

The programme is open to organisations that work in areas such as science and technology, education, global public heath, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts.  

If you haven't yet applied you can do so online at

How Do Google Grants Work?

Google Adwords enables you to reach people who are already interested in what you do. When someone does a search on Google for keywords that relate to your organisation this can trigger an advert for your charity.  These adverts typically appear on the right hand side or above the main search results in a "sponsored links" section.

If someone clicks onto your advert they are taken to your website and your account is charged a small fee for the click. Under the grants programme this cost is just debited from your allocated monthly budget.

How Can Google Adwords Help?

Adwords is great in that it offers you an opportunity to target people that are actively searching for what you do or the issues you deal with. You can target a highly relevant audience and drive people to your site that are very likely to be interested in what your charity does.

Some Common Pitfalls

To get the most out of the grant you do need an understanding of how Adwords works and you need to actively manage your account.  

A common mistake is to target keywords that are far too general - for example "cancer" rather than "support cancer charity". It's important to take into account the motivation of the person performing the search and also the likely competition for the term.

There are also some constraints to the Google Grants programme.  For example the grant limits you to a maximum bid of $2 per click which can make it harder to generate much traffic from popular terms.

How We Can Help

Many charities end up with poorly optimised campaigns that fail to take full advantage of their Google Grant.  

We can help by optimising both your advertising and your website in order to maximise the potential of your grant.  We can also teach you to manage campaigns yourself, the importance of relevance, landing pages and the Google quality score in optimising your campaigns.

If it looks like we can provide some assistance get in touch with us at Anders Analytics on +44 207 788 7798. Alternatively, send an email to

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