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Google Analytics Content Experiments enable you to test up to six variants of a page and identify what variant leads to more conversions.

Experiments can test any page - it could be your homepage, a key landing page or a step in a goal funnel. As part of a wider conversion optimisation strategy it's important to set priorities to maximise the impact of any changes.

Rather than changing a page and using Analytics to compare current against historical performance, content experiments randomly show different variations of your page to different visitors during the experiment. This is important as so much else can change online and thus the former method doesn't necessarily compare like with like.


It's important to carefully plan experiments in advance and not to rush into testing.

You also need to consider the bigger picture. If for example you are testing a change in page layout to see what effect it has on people signing up for your newsletter you also need to consider what effect it has on other site goals.

Traffic volumes also need to be taken into account. The goal of an experiment is to learn what changes lead to statistically significant improvements in performance. If there's little traffic to your site or the page you want to experiment with it may take some time for a clear winner to emerge.

How We Can Help

We can help by:

  • Setting priorities for areas where you may benefit from testing. Without a strategic framework for testing the danger is that what you gain via one change may be lost by another. A strategy is also required to maximise the return you'll see from experimentation.
  • Developing hypotheses on what aspects of your site may be holding you back. As analytics consultants we can use a range of tools to identify bottlenecks in your site and suggest areas where changes could yield significant results.
  • Planning & executing experiments. Running an experiment is the easy part - planning is required to ensure tests are set up using a logical approach where you'll be in a position to be able to interpret the results.
  • Helping you to interpret the results and identify lessons learnt. Improvements delivered via a particular experiment may have implications for elsewhere on your site

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