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Making First Impressions Count

Landing pages have a few seconds to make a good impression. If you don’t give a visitor what they were expecting or provide a poor user experience you can guarantee visitors will leave almost immediately.

The first rule therefore is to ensure that landing pages match visitor expectations - for example ensuring continuity between the keywords customers search for, your advert and the page you direct them to if advertising via PPC.

Effective landing pages also need to take into account the needs of different audiences and to counter any uncertainties or doubts about your offering. Ultimately it's all about building trust.

Getting it right entails not only thinking about the copy on the page, but value propositions, imagery, layout, design, the information architecture of the page and a lot more...

Beyond the landing page

Landing pages don’t exist in isolation. Having got through the first hurdle you’ll want visitors to go on to purchase a product, enquire about a service or otherwise do something useful to you. It’s important therefore to optimise the full journey visitors take through your site.

Our Approach

We can help by:

  • Adopting a structured approach to optimisation
  • Implementing best practice in terms of how your landing pages should tie in with your PPC advertising
  • Developing personas to help you think through the needs of different audiences
  • Experimentation and testing – developing informed hypotheses and testing these to identify what tactics yield better results
  • The implementation of incremental improvements to your landing pages that collectively over time have a positive impact on your ROI

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