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New Adwords Rating For Quality Score

Keyword "quality score" is an important factor in determining how your Google Adwords campaigns perform.  It's used in the calculations that determine both how much you pay per click and what position your adverts appear in.  

Lower quality scores can mean that you end up paying above the odds for traffic.  Maintaining a good quality score for your keywords is thus pretty essential if you want to maximise the impact of your advertising spend.

In response to feedback from advertisers Google have recently improved the information they provide on each keyword's quality score. If you hover over the icon that appears in the status column of each Adgroup you'll see some additional information is now available.

The new information rates what Google expects your click-through rate to be in addition to your adverts relevance and your landing page experience.  The ratings are on a simple relative scale that includes "average", "below average" and "above average" (relative to your competitors).  You can read more on the Google Adwords blog.

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