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How to Get Better Results For Your Charity on Facebook

John Haydon outlines the best ways for charities to get better results on Facebook.

This Wednesday John Haydon, founder of Inbound Zombie and author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, hosted a webinar in conjunction with CharityHowTo on how to get better results for your charity on Facebook.

Even if you are familiar with Facebook and its new features, Mr. Haydon’s points are not only useful and informative but should be considered as best practice.  Here are some key points from the presentation.

Firstly, as a charity starting a Facebook campaign, there are 3 initial points of strategy:

  • Audience: identify your audience and know whom you are targeting. 
  • Brand: how to does your organisation see itself? 
  • Message: what is the message your organisation would like to get across?

Secondly, image is everything.  Facebook is now very visual.  Think about what images best represent your charity.  Your cover image is the first image people see and you want to use it to grab visitors’ attention.  In addition, think about adding your “milestones” as images:  they can tell your story.  Images spark engagement, but they also break up content, and you can use this to your advantage.

Thirdly, your posts should be meaningful and intriguing, yet short and to the point.  Use taglines that beg to be clicked on but that don’t lead longwinded articles.  The goal is to get a visitor to “share” or “like” the post, hence passing it on.  A lengthy text won’t appeal to a busy visitor who already has hundreds of newsfeed posts to read through.

Want to know more about how to get the best out of Facebook?  Check out the rest of the presentation here.

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