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Google Analytics’ New Reports

Earlier this week, Google Analytics announced that it would start providing more in-depth social media reporting.

Online marketers already working with Google Analytics are currently able to see the traffic coming to our sites from various social networks.  Yet Google has now promised to give us something more…in theory.

Social media marketing has always been a hard thing to measure.  Does tweeting actually bring you more business?  Thanks to its Social Data Hub initiative that allows social networks to send their data to Analytics, Google can now provide an analysis of their activity and integrate it into a meaningful business report in Analytics.

For example, say you see that you have an increase in traffic coming to your site via Google+.  You can now see how many people commented on, posted about, and shared your data.  You can even go further and see the actual Google+ conversations related to your site (see image here below).  Google Analytics also shows the social networks that drove conversions on your site and even lets you assign a monetary value to each conversion.  Never have social media marketing campaigns been so measurable! 

However, though you can see the traffic coming from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the social network giants have not yet signed on (and there is good chance they won’t) to Google Analytics and you won’t get such detailed information as for Google+.  Considering that these three networks account for the majority of social media traffic, Google’s announcement is perhaps less exciting than it sounds.  But as Marketing Land’s Daniel Waisberg predicts, the networks might just change their mind, especially if this new feature becomes a tool marketers can’t live without.  

See the list of the social media networks that are participating here.

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