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Choosing a Domain Name

If you are looking to set up a new website think before rushing to register your first choice of web address (or "domain name").  For many organisations choosing a domain name that helps describe what they do rather than the organisation name alone may make sense.

Choosing a domain name that describes your services or products can make it easier for people to find you via search results.  It's important to do some research before choosing a particular word or phrase that describes your services and to get a balance between not being too generic - in which case it may be difficult to stand out from the competition - or so specific that very few people ever search for the term.

If your company is well established then bear in mind that people may guess at your web address based upon your name and type it into their browser address bar.  In this scenario it may well be better to opt for a domain that closely mirrors your company name.

Often a suitable compromise can be found that includes both an organisational and service related term.  For example the name of your company followed by a term that relates to what you do or the products you sell.

What domain name ending should you use?

Think about the type of address that would best suit your business.  Different domain name endings imply different things - for example if you are a charity then try to go for an address with "org" in it rather than ".co.", ".biz" or ".com" as these imply commercial activity.

Organisations should also consider whether they should opt for a regional address (e.g. "" or "") or a top level domain such as a ".org" or ".com".

If your organisation is primarily based in a particular country in which the bulk of your customers are based then it makes sense to choose the relevant country related domain name. Search engines localise search results and people may also be more likely to trust an organisation that they perceive to be 'local'.

If you wish to market your company in more than one country however then a top level domain name - such as a ".com" or a ".org" makes more sense.  If you have a larger budget and operate in a number of countries having a number of regional sites as an alternative - or maybe in addition to one international site may well be worth considering. For example if you operate in the UK, Canada and Australia - it may well be worth considering a "", ".ca" and "" site and perhaps a ".com" international site as well.

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