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Trends in Keyword Search Frequency

If you have noticed that your performance for a particular keyword has been improving in terms of the search traffic it generates - how can you tell whether this is down to your marketing efforts or due to an increased interest in a particular topic over time?

There are obviously a number of ways to track rankings and keyword performance in Analytics but sometimes it is useful to look to see whether there has been a change in the level of interest for a particular topic over time.  This can also be helpful to identify seasonal changes in search patterns.

Google Trends aggregates search data and enables you to analyse levels of interest in a topic over time.  (See ).

For example - go to Google Trends and type in swine flu and you will see a dramatic peak in interest in April 2009.

You can then use the drop down fields at the top right hand side of the screen to look at trends in specific countries and alter the time period looked at.  For example - changing the region from worldwide to the UK and looking at the last 12 months it can be seen that there was a separate peak in interest in July 2009.

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