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Bounce Rates - What Are They?

When someone visits your website the first page they look at - be it your home page or another page they were directed to for example by a search or Google Adwords - is called a "landing page".  If the visitor then leaves your site after looking at only that page this is referred to as a "bounce". The overall bounce rate for your site is the percentage of people that arrive at your website and then leave without going any deeper into your site content.

Is bounce rate the same as exit rate?

Bounce rate only refers to landing pages on your site.  If a visitor arrives at your site, look at a few pages and then after looking at e.g. a "services overview" page leaves your site then they would have exited your site at the services page (and not bounced).  Only if the "services overview" page was the first page they saw on your site which they then left would it be a bounce.

Exit rates from pages are important but bounce rates deserve significant attention.  Bounce rates provide an indication of how engaging your content is and how well tuned your marketing campaigns are.  Landing page optimisation and focusing on reducing your bounce rate can often pay dividends and forms an important element of any conversion rate optimisation campaign.

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