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Google Launches New Sitelinks

Google has expanded its search engine results pages with the launch of a new format for sitelinks. This has seen the number and size of links increase (but only sparingly in North America) in all supported languages.

The expanded sitelinks display both the title and a sample of the meta description (in other words a description of the subject matter of the sub-categories).

The main changes are:

  • The sitelink availabilty is dependent on Google’s analysis of content relevant to the browsers search.
  • Google will only display sites that are most relevant to your search thus creating greater efficiency.
  • The broader the search term entered, the more options you will receive for example if you type in [museum of history and art in london] you’ll recieve more sitelinks than [the v&a museum] but probably no more than twelve options.
  • Highly ranked pages which would have previously appeared as a separate entry nearer the bottom of the page are now included in the expanded version of Google sitelinks.

However, more options means less space for other competitors to appear above the fold.

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