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Using the User Explorer - Google Analytics

The User Explorer feature in Google Analytics is a somewhat new tool that allows you to see individual user behaviour at the session level. This allows you to understand individual user behaviour, using their User-ID or Client-ID, to gain insight into a specific user experience.

To enable User Explorer you first need to sign in to Google Analytics, navigate to the Admin tab and enable the User-ID feature in Tracking Info found underneath the relevant Property

enabling the user explorer user id tracking

You will have to view and agree to the User-ID policy in order to use the new report

Where To See The Data

Once set up the User Explorer report appears under Audience in the Reporting tab of Google Analytics.

the User Explorer report

Initial data visible includes:

  • Sessions
  • Average Session Duration
  • Conversions
  • Transactions
  • Revenue

You can drill down into the various reports to see additional data, see combinations of actions a user engaged in, and segment your entire report according to those actions in order to gain insight into collective behaviour.

additional data drilldowns

Why's It Useful?

The User Explorer can be a powerful tool that allows you to segment your audience based on specific behaviour - useful for e-commerce sites, for instance, if you want to understand more clearly which tier of repeat customers are having a better experience of your site, why some customers might be dropping out of the conversion process, or which demographics respond best to certain types of site advertising.

By understanding your user behaviour more clearly you can tailor your site to more effectively engage with specific personas and identify those areas where your marketing efforts could be better focused.

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