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Update to Google Analytics Shifts Focus to Users

Standard reports within Analytics have been updated to focus on users, so the first column in the acquisition channels report, for instance, is now users.

users in standard reports google analytics

The update needs to be enabled first, so sign into your account, go to Admin -> Property Settings and toggle the switch labeled Enable Users Metric in Reporting.

user report enable

Sessions will still be shown in your reports, but having the focus shifted to users gives a much better overview of the number of individual visitors who've interacted with your site.

Another addition to Google Analytics is lifetime metrics and dimensions for individual users, which is found in the user explorer report.

user explorer user report

Clicking through to an individual Client Id allows you to see information about their visit, such as the marketing channel they arrived from and how long they stayed for, based on the lifetime of their cookie.

This gives a much more detailed look into visitor behaviour at an individual level, which could give useful insight into why a few customers are converting instead of others.

Check out how to use the user explorer.

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