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Google Data Studio Now Available in the UK

Google has just released Data Studio to UK audiences. The new dashboard and reporting platform is ready for you to try out today.

The new tool allows you to build customised reports that match your clients' branding guidelines and easily share these reports with an unlimited number of people.

google data studio sample youtube report

(Data Studio sample image taken from Google's sample Youtube report)


The new reports are much like interactive dashboards. Each widget displays its information according to the selected date range, which you can change on the fly, and data callouts deliver more detailed metrics.

Before you can use Data Studio to configure your reports you need to connect it to another data source and must authorise it first. A variety of connectors are available including Google Analytics, Google Sheets and MySQL.

google data studio connectors and authorisation

With its attractive interface and easily configurable widgets we think Data Studio will be a very useful tool for Analytics reporting going forward.

You can try Data Studio out for yourself by signing in here.

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