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You Can Now Move Google Analytics Properties Between Accounts

Google has added a new feature to Analytics that enables you to move a property, along with everything nested within it, from one account to another.

The simple process allows you to organise and consolidate accounts more effectively, as an agency or a user with administrator access.

How to Move a Property

  • Firstly make sure you have administrator access to the property you wish to move
  • From the Admin screen click on the Property Settings.

move a property between accounts image 1

    • Click the Move Property button on the right hand side
    • Select the destination account and whether you want to keep the existing permissions or inherit the permissions of the destination account.

move a property between accounts image 2

  • Check that you confirm the changes then click Start move. It may take a short time to finalise the process.

You won't need to re-tag anything after this process as the tracking ID doesn't change. Neither do any tracking customisations.

There are some limitations to whether you can move certain properties. You can't move a property between different Analytics 360 Suite organisations. You also can't move a property to an Analytics 360 Suite organisation from one that isn't - but the other way around works.

If an account is empty after its property has been moved don't forget to delete that account as it still counts towards your maximum limit of 50.

For further information about moving properties including any other limitations you can check out Google's help pageon the topic.

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