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Google Adwords Campaign Groups

Many companies use multiple AdWords campaigns to organise their accounts and manage targeting. A company might for example offer both products and services and have multiple campaigns targeting each.

In this case aggregating performance data for campaigns targeting products rather than services often required use of a filter or data manipulation.

To make analysis easier Google AdWords has recently launched "Campaign Groups"

google adwords campaign groups image

Campaign groups allow you to aggregate Adwords campaigns with a common performance target or theme into a single campaign group. You can then access summary performance data for the group as a whole.

how to add a new google adwords campaign group

How to set up

To add a new Campaign Group select Campaign Groups on the left side menu in AdWords and then click the Add Campaign Group button.

Next choose a campaign name, add the campaigns you wish to group together, then set a metric focused performance target for those campaigns. This can be based on either clicks or conversions and over a specific date range, if required.

grouping adwords campaing groups

You can group together video, display, search and shopping campaigns. Whilst Campaign Groups don't give you control over your campaigns and don't alter how your ads are served, you can use the new tool to keep track of their overall performance and gauge whether they are meeting your outline performance targets. Your performance targets can be changed or edited at any time.

By setting a CPC or CPA based performance target you can see how your campaign group is performing against that target in a single view, making it easier to evaluate how your campaigns are performing relative to your goals.

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