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The New Google Analytics Demo Account

Getting to grips with some of the advanced features of analytics can initially be challenging. If you are looking to learn but don't have access to real world data understanding the role of dashboards or how you set up custom reports becomes harder.

To aid learning Google have recently provided access to a Demo Account, which allows people without their own Analytics account to experiment with all the features of a fully functional Analytics account in order to gain practical experience using real business data pulled from the Google Merchandise Store.

All features such as Adwords linking and Enhanced Ecommerce are already configured giving you a foothold into the world of Google Analytics to learn about its various tools and functionality.

This is particularly useful if you want to learn what it can be used for before taking the plunge on your own account. Or you may be an educator running a training course, now being able to use the Demo Account in a classroom to offer first hand experience of using the platform in a learning environment.

To access the demo account follow the link on this page.

You will be prompted to sign into your Google account, or create one, before you can continue.

The Google Analytics Demo Account allows you to get to grips with a range of features such as:

  • Using dashboards and segments to view sets of data
  • Creating filters and custom reports
  • Audience segments, metrics and dimensions
  • The Integrated Search Console and Adwords reports

To learn more about using some other exciting features of Google Analytics, check out our blog articles on using Treemap Reports, Benchmarking Reports, and also how to track website search terms.

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