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Google Adwords - Expanded Text Ads

expanded data tags in google adwords

At it's technology conference, I/O 2016, Google announced a great new change to the way Adwords text ads appear. Expanded text ads are better optimised for the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones, making them more effective on those devices with larger, high resolution displays.

Expanded text ads will shift from being:

  • 1 headline, 25 characters long
  • 2 description lines, 35 characters long each

To the new format:

  • 2 headlines, 30 characters long
  • 1 longer consolidated description line, 80 characters in length

This paves the way for more descriptive and better flowing ad text, and more eye-catching headlines.

Expanded Text Ads are available in Adwords and are supported by all of the tools that support text ads, as well as ad extensions. They are also supported by Adwords Editor from version 11.5.

Because expanded text ads give you more space to work it might be important to re-think the content of your ad copy, so it's not simply an extra line of text. Make sure the whole ad flows nicely and is effective at driving more qualified clicks to your site.

The new format is available now and won't affect the display of your current text ads. However, the creation and editing of old text ads will be unavailable after October 26th. Your existing text ads will continue to display after this date, but the new format will be the only one available for new ads.

More specifics can be found on Google here

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