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Working With Analytics Treemap Reports

Treemap reports allow you to visualise your data with a primary metric denoted by area (the larger the area occupied the higher the metric value) and a secondary value shown via colour coding (with green good and red poor).

Treemap reports are available within the Acquisition section of Google Analytics - appearing under both "All Traffic" and "Adwords". The All Traffic Treemap allows you to visualise the performance of your channels whilst the Adwords Treemap allows you to drill down from a campaign level to view Adgroups and then onto keywords.

In the example above, organic search generated the largest number of sessions (represented by the largest rectangle) whilst paid search with less traffic is represented by a smaller rectangle.

Clicking on one of the rectangles allows you to drill down and view the finer details of the channel displayed in the report. For example, clicking the Referrals channel will enable you to view incoming traffic driven by specific referrer sites.

Metrics within treemap reports are categorised as being either primary or secondary.

  • Primary metrics are defined as volume metrics, such as sessions, goal completions or new users.
  • Secondary metrics are relative metrics. Examples include: average session duration, bounce rate, goal conversion rate or pages per session.

The relative performance of the secondary metric is colour coded with green good and red poor. For example a high bounce rate will appear as red whilst a lower bounce rate will appear in green

There are currently a few limitations to the reports:

  • The Treemaps report can only display up to 16 rectangles at a time.
  • The report is not available in Mobile App views
  • Segmentation is not yet supported

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