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Google AdWords - Our Approach

We'll spend time with you to understand your organisation, objectives & customer base and then build an advertising strategy built around your goals.

Taking existing performance, competitor tactics and a range of other factors into account we'll then devise a strategy that best fits the needs of your business and takes any challenges you face into account.

Targeting the Right Terms

Keyword selection is probably one of the most critical factors to get right. Target the wrong terms and it’s easy to waste your advertising budget with little to show for it. It’s important to consider the motivation behind searches and to get a balance between how relevant search phrases are to you, how commonly they are searched for and the competition for them.

Campaign Setup

We'll organise your campaign structure to group thematically related terms and set up ads that highlight the unique selling points of your business. We'll ensure that ads direct people to relevant pages on your website and work with you to adapt landing pages where appropriate.  We'll also take advantage of advanced AdWords features - such as ad extensions, geo-targeting, remarketing and advanced targeting options.

Campaign Optimisation & Management

Over time we'll experiment with different bidding strategies, changes to ad copy, keyword matching options and a range of ad extensions. At all times we'll be mindful of your advertising spend and the results it achieves. We'll use conversion tracking and your analytics software to consider the impact of your advertising - in particular from an ROI perspective. This will help us focus your advertising further - weeding out keywords and tactics that under-perform.

Landing Page Optimisation

First impressions count - the pages you direct visitors to will only have a few seconds to make a good impression. There must be continuity between the keywords visitors search for, your ads and the pages you direct people to. Getting it right entails not only thinking about the copy on the page, but value propositions, imagery, layout, design, the information architecture of the page, subsequent visitor journeys and a lot more...

Intelligent PPC Reporting

Reports containing endless figures for impressions, click through rates and costs per click are often meaningless if they don’t put your data into context. Without an understanding for why things are as they are it can be difficult to make informed decisions on how to improve performance. We'll work with you to align reporting around your business objectives.  Where possible we'll look at automating reporting - for example via Analytics dashboards.

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