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Changing Google AdWords Agency

Many agencies do a great job of managing PPC advertising but there are times when a change can be warranted. We’ve put together a list of 5 things to consider when appraising your current agency.

1. Are You Getting Measurable Results?

A huge advantage of PPC is its accountability.

Simply knowing your average cost per click (“CPC”) or conversion rate however isn’t enough. What matters is how an agency influences your performance over time. If improvements to your KPIs have plateaued or are in decline then it may be time to get a second opinion.

2. How Good Is Your Business Relationship?

The relationship you have with your PPC agency is critical.

A good agency should be commercially aware, take time to understand your business and establish key performance indicators. This should include an understanding of the competitive landscape you operate within.

Continuity, in terms of who manages your account on a day to day basis, is important. A named contact or dedicated team can get to know your business in far greater detail over time. Conversely pooled responsibility for a range of PPC campaigns can dilute expertise.

3. What Value Does Your Agency Provide?

Ultimately the decision on any PPC agency comes down to the value they offer your business.

An agency charging higher rates but achieving great results may offer far greater value than another offering lower fees but whose advertising is largely ineffective. Measuring progress against intelligent performance metrics is key with ROI on your overall advertising spend being the most important factor to consider.

4. Reporting and Feedback

If you choose to outsource your PPC advertising it’s essential that you get regular and intelligent feedback on how things are going.

It’s important to agree key performance indicators at the outset and measure campaigns against these on an ongoing basis.

5. How Does The Agency’s Fee Model Influence Their Motivation?

The motivation of your PPC agency is an often overlooked consideration.

On the face of it certain pricing models may promise a lot but a focus on costs alone can ignore the potential of improved performance.

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