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Delve into the detail, align reporting around your business objectives and ensure that the right person gets to see the right report.

We'll help you track performance data over time and identify and analyse trends. We won't consider particular metrics in isolation. Instead we'll look to consolidate our understanding via a range of data sets that together help build a picture of your customers' online behaviour.

Capturing the data that matters

Whilst a wealth of data is available by default within Analytics in many cases additional customisation is needed to capture key visitor interactions with your site.

We can help by taking your objectives into account to configure goals and capture additional data useful to your organisation via event tracking, custom dimensions, virtual page views and more. This will ensure that decisions you make about your online presence and marketing strategy are well informed via data that really matters.

Outsource your reporting

For many companies producing detailed monthly or quarterly reports can be time consuming. There's also a danger of "reporting fatigue" - with key stakeholders becoming less engaged with the same format month after month.

We can help by handling your reporting requirements, providing accompanying insight or "SWOT" analysis reports and using alternate graphical formats to communicate complex data effectively.

Actionable insight

Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you optimise your online performance.

However - whilst web analytics is great at telling you what is happening - it doesn't always obviously tell you why.

We can help by performing in depth analysis, examining relationships between data sets and reviewing trends over time to provide you with actionable insight.

We can also develop and test hypotheses - running "split tests" and "multivariate experiments" on your site - identifying tactics that lead to statistically significant improvements in performance.

The above, coupled with inputs from additional qualitative methodologies and research can have a significant impact upon your ROI.

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