Google has released a new Adwords website with a goals-based approach.

The site gives you more detailed information regarding best practice in driving action, influencing consideration and building awareness using Adwords.

Choosing The Right Ad

The new website offers you suggestions on the best type of ad to use depending on your goals, and the best strategy to use in order to engage with your customer base.

For example, you may want to know which ads and extensions work best together to attract people to your store front.

To help with all of this there are best practice guides, as well as success stories to give you inspiration for your next ad!

The new message extension, becoming available in the next few weeks, offers a quick and easy way for smartphone owners to make enquiries after seeing your ad.

Why Message Instead of Calling?

According to Google's own figures, two-thirds of smartphone owners communicate with others via messaging up to five times a day, and 65% say they would communicate with businesses the same way, if the option were available.

The new message extension gives users the ability to easily get in touch with a business via SMS simply by tapping the texting option.

A pre-written message appears that is tailored to the particular product being viewed, which users can then edit or send as is.

This is a new, fast and easy method for users - particularly those on mobile - to communicate an interest in a product that wil help advertisers increase their conversion rates.

Google has introduced online market research tool Google Surveys as part of its Analytics Solutions portfolio.

What is Google Surveys?

It's an evolution of the old Google Consumer Surveys and allows marketers to conduct research based on a representative sample of web users.

Setting up a survey is simple - you pick and audience then write your questions.

The survey is then delivered to a selection of targeted respondents. Google analyses the results and through those provides the relevant insights, with a much faster turnaround than traditional market research.

Directly reaching out to your customers through Google Surveys allows you to get qualitative feedback that is also reliable, so you can make fast and informed business decisions.

Google is rolling out changes to its Analytics platform that all users will begin to see in the coming weeks.

The new changes will include:

  • Simplified design: The Home, Customization, and Admin headers will be moved to the left hand menu
  • The left hand menu itself will become shrinkable to allow for more screen real estate
  • Integration of a search bar in the menu
  • The new header will allow you to switch views from any page
  • After logging in Google Analytics will automatically return you to the last view you were looking at
  • You can alter the default date range!
  • A couple of pages have been removed: In-Page Analytics and Automatic Intelligence Events.
  • Custom Alerts has been moved to the new Customization section.

We think these changes will create a far more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing experience.

The Unique Events metric in Google Analytics has been updated: it's time to welcome Unique Events (New)!

Google has made a change to the way Unique Events are calculated in Analytics reports.

The now deprecated unique events (still accessible for a time when using custom reports) used to calculate results based on the total number of unique dimension combinations included in a report.

The new metric calculates this total irrespective of whether the report includes all available dimensions. In practice this means the numbers for the old and new metrics are often similar if you run a report from that does include all available dimensions.

In Practice

However, this changes if you run a report looking at a particular category that has multiple actions (say, brochure downloads).

In this case:

  • The number of Unique Events will be counted only once per session based on the number of active dimensions in that report (irrespective of the number of different individual brochure downloads)
  • The number of Unique Events (New) counts each event once for each time it occurs when combined with a different dimension (event category, event action, event label) per session.

The refreshed Unique Events (New) metric will always show the number of unique event combinations and so offers a more comprehensive measure of your analytics events data.

Unique Dimension Cominations

One more addition to the metrics list is Unique Dimension Combinations.

This is really the same as the legacy Unique Events, as shown above. Once the latter is fully deprecated you'll still be able to compare your data using this other new metric.

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