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Google Adwords - Callout Extensions

Callouts are a new ad extension from Google AdWords that allows for additional text information, complementing the product or service, to be shown with an ad.

callout ad extension

Callouts can be created using the Ad extensions tab in Adwords and can be added at either the account, campaign or adgroup level. For example, if you own a hairdresser’s and you are running a discounted service, at the campaign level you may wish to display a callout text that says “discount available” and then you can have more specific callout text information detailing your discount at the adgroup level, such as “25% off hair wash”.

Callouts can be up to 25 characters long and Google recommends that they should be kept “short”, “specific” and “unique” to the ad in question, so tailoring your callout text in this way can be an effective way to target potential customers and give them a greater insight into your services. Callouts, like site links, also now feed through to AdRank – used to determine where your ads appear in search results.

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