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Adding Search Console to GA4

Google console provides a range of reports that allow you to monitor your performance in Google search. It's possible to see what keywords people are using to find you, how you perform in different countries and devices and what landing pages perform best.

If you've migrated to GA4 linking Google Console is easy. Go to Admin and in the subsequent property column scroll down to Google Console links. Use the Link button to select your Google Console account.  If you haven't set an account previously you'll need to verify your account - there are a number of options to do so.

An additional recommended step is to then adjust your library settings within GA4 to publish Search Console to your reports menu. To do so within "Reports" click "Library". Allow a few seconds for the "collections" options to load and you should then see Search Console listed (but marked as unpublished).

To publish Search Console simply click the three dots to the right of the widget and click publish. Note that at the time of writing this article there's a bug and Search Console will be published twice. To remove the second listing select the second "Search Console" widget and then click the three dots to delete it.

Google to Sunset Universal Analytics in 2023

With the introduction of GA4 approximately two and a half years ago, Google have now announced that they will be sunsetting Universal Analytics in 2023.

All standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023. Universal Analytics 360 properties will continue to collect data until October 2023.

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Google Data Studio - A Better Way to Visualise Data

Google Data Studio reports are a great way to visualise your data with powerful interactive dashboards that can be customised to your business.

With Google Data Studio you can construct and share in-depth reports on any area of your online performance thanks to a great variety of data 'connectors'. These are simple in-built and third-party apps that allow you to pull data in from external sources, for example social networks, YouTube analytics, Adobe Analytics and other non-Google advertising platforms.

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Updated ICO guidelines re the use of cookies & similar technologies

New guidelines from the ICO relating to the use of cookies and similar technologies have potentially profound implications for analytics and the use of marketing tags. 

Changes include the requirement for an explicit opt-in for non-essential cookies and the fact that analytics cookies are not considered essential.  In addition analytics tags can no longer fire on a landing page without prior user consent and methods using implied consent are no longer valid.

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Incoming Extensions Update For Mobile Devices

Ads that use sitelinks, callouts and structured snippets will be updated for mobile devices later this month.


This extension, which allows you to send users to specific pages of interest on your site, will become tappable and scrollable.

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Adwords Editor Update

An update to Adwords Editor has landed and gives Google's useful tool a much needed visual overhaul, whilst also introducing some new functionality.

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