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Google Data Studio

Automate reporting, build customisable, dynamic reports, connect to multiple data sources and visualise your data.

Standard Google Analytics dashboards provide a great way to automate reporting and summarise key performance indicators. However, there's a limit of 12 reporting widgets and you can only report on Google Analytics data.  Dashboards also offer a limited number of data visualisation options and there are constraints on how much data can be shown. Tables for example can only show up to 10 rows of data with up to two columns of metrics at most.

Google Data Studio is a free data visualisation tool that can be used to build dynamic, informative reports pulling from a range of data sources.  In addition to pulling data from Google Analytics you can also link to other Google products - such as Google Ads or Search Console.  In addition, it's possible to use 'connectors' to pull in data from a range of other data sources such as Google Sheets, social media accounts and more.

How We Can Help

With considerable experience of working with Google Data Studio we are well placed to both guide you through what's possible and then implement your reports.

Reports can range from corporate dashboards or marketing tactics & outcomes through to detailed product performance reporting.  We can guide you through the range of options available and help focus data on relevant KPIs and actionable reporting rather than pulling in data for the sake of it.

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