Advanced tracking & integration with third party tools via Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Measure what matters, integrate with third party tools and speed up the deployment of marketing tags.

Google Tag Manager is a free to use tag management system that can enable you to rapidly deploy analytics tags or code snippets to your site. It allows you to store all of your tracking tags in a central repository, can rapidly speed up the development time required to deploy complex tracking and works with a range of tools in addition to Google.

Why Use Google Tag Manager?

"Out of the box" Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring interactions with your website. It enables you to assess your marketing channels, understand your audience, analyse visitor journeys and capture what really matters to your organisation via goals (or "conversions" in GA4).

For larger or more complex sites however additional tracking is usually required to capture other visitor interactions.  GA4 makes life a little easier with 'enhanced measurement' options now capturing YouTube, scroll depth, form interactions and file downloads by default.  More complex interactions  - particularly around shopping funnel interactions, ecommerce data or complex event tracking have historically been achieved via adding additional scripts to your site requiring the assistance of your web developers.

Developing new code can however be time consuming, may take a while to turn around and incorrectly applied may distort measurement. Via Google Tag Manager the process of extending tracking becomes considerably less involved and tracking changes can often be turned around quickly. It's possible to test tracking changes prior to taking them live and version control allows you to rapidly revert to previous configurations.

How We Can Help

If your site has become bogged down with too many marketing tags, you are looking to enhance tracking or would like to start off with a robust foundation for future development then Google Tag Manager may be the solution for you.

With considerable experience of working with Google Tag Manager we are well placed to both guide you through what's possible and then implement any agreed changes. Drop us an email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

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