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Privacy & Cookies

As a web analytics company we take your privacy seriously. This privacy notice sets out what information we collect, what we do with it and the use of cookies on this site.  This notice was last updated in September 2019 following an update from the UK Information Commissioner. 

How do we collect information?

We collect information when you:

  • Contact us directly by email, written correspondence or phone us
  • Complete the contact form on our website
  • Apply for a job vacancy or send us your CV
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Visit our website

What do we do with the information we collect?

We use information you directly supply to us to:

  • Respond to enquiries and carry out day to day business with clients
  • Consider job applications
  • Send you our newsletter (with an option to unsubscribe at any point)

We use anonymous web analytics data to:

  • Understand how people use our website
  • Understand and improve our marketing campaigns

Web Analytics

We use a third-party service called Google Analytics to collect information on visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to understand the numbers of visitors to various parts of the website, how our marketing campaigns perform and identify areas where we could improve the website.

The information collected cannot be used to identify you and we’ve taken additional steps to ensure that nothing that could be used to infer your identity is available to Google. We anonymise your IP address and do not use any other third party tracking pixels (such as Facebook) or re-marketing.

Page Logging

We also use a page logging tool called "Simple Analytics".  Simple Analytics is a GDPR compliant 'privacy first' tool.  It does not use cookies, collect or store IP addresses (or any other information that could be used to identify a visitor) and respects browser "do not track" settings.  

Cookie Control

We use a third party tool from Civic to manage non-essential cookies on this site.  As a new visitor to the site you can choose whether or not to accept non-essential cookies (for Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager) - click the "X" to dismiss the statement. 

To change your mind at any point please click the "{C}" icon that appears at the bottom left of your screen.  Note that you can also control the use of cookies within your browser – visit to find out more.

Use of cookies

This site uses both essential and non-essential cookies. Cookies set by our site are as follows:

  • 1aa44f36cfe2577a27b18c8ab7d1140b (or in a similar format) – this is an essential cookie set by our content management system needed for our site to function and is deleted when your browsing session ends
  • civicCookieControl – this cookie retains your tracking preferences set via the cookie control tool on this site
  • Non-essential cookies
  • _ga – this is a cookie set by Google Analytics
  • _gat_UA-### – this is a temporary cookie set by Google Analytics
  • _gid – this is a cookie set by Google Analytics
  • _dc_gtm_UA-### - this is a temporary cookie set by Google Tag Manager

Links to other websites

Please note that where we provide links to other websites we’re not responsible for the content or the privacy settings of those sites.

Data retention

Emails or other interactions with clients or our response to potential work enquiries are kept on file to respond to further questions as a normal part of conducting business. If you send us your CV, either in response to a job advert or speculatively, we will only keep your details on file for as long as is necessary unless we specifically email you and ask if we may retain your information for longer.

Google Analytics uses cookie data, that cannot be used to identify you, to calculate unique users to our site – the data ID it uses for this purpose is retained for 14 months within our Google Analytics account and is then removed.

Changes to this policy

We’ll keep this policy up to date – the contents of which may change over time as our offering and marketing strategy changes.

Our contact details

You can contact us by phone, email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or write to us at the address on our contact page. Alternatively, please complete the contact form on this site.

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