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Google Analytics Audits

Our Google Analytics audit service is designed to give you confidence in your data.

We'll ensure that data capture and reporting is aligned around your business objectives and provides the support you need to make informed decisions on your digital strategy.

Key Benefits

The goals of our audit service are to:

  • provide confidence in the accuracy of your reporting
  • ensure that reporting is aligned around your online objectives
  • provide advice on how to resolve specific tracking or reporting issues
  • give you a better understanding of the potential of Google Analytics and how it could help your business
  • advise on complex requirements for which you need additional expertise

We appreciate that different organisations can have radically different needs and so a one size fits all approach isn't always appropriate. As such we offer three levels of audit - basic, advanced and bespoke. If you have a specific requirement get in touch and we'll be happy to talk you through the options available.

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