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Google Launches New Sitelinks

Google has expanded its search engine results pages with the launch of a new format for sitelinks. This has seen the number and size of links increase (but only sparingly in North America) in all supported languages.

The expanded sitelinks display both the title and a sample of the meta description (in other words a description of the subject matter of the sub-categories).

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Profits Surge at Baidu

Baidu, China's leading search engine has reported a surge in profits. Baidu currently has a near 75% market share of the search engine market in China.

Earnings have grown dramatically over the last year since the launch of a new keyword advertising system that has attacted new advertisers.

Microsoft Announces Tie Up With Baidu

Microsoft announces tie up with Baidu for English language search results in China. China's leading search engine, to provide search results in English.

Baidu currently accounts for more than 75% of search in China.  

The joint service is expected to launch later in 2011.

Google Benchmarking Updates

Google is replacing the standard benchmarking reports available via Google Analytics with a newsletter containing a number of key metrics.

The latest bulletin reveals that across all sites that have opted into the service the average pages viewed per visit is 4.5, the average bounce rate is 47% and the average time spent on a website is 5 minutes 23 seconds.

To receive future updates from Google your website administrator needs to enable "anonymous data sharing" in your Google Analytics account.

Google Labs Has Closed to Focus on Google+

Google has announced that it is to close Google Labs to focus on Google+.

Google Labs has acted as a nursery testing out a wide range of ideas from the wacky to a number of clever innovations with several going on to become major successes.

Over the years users have been addicted to Google Labs where they have been able to try out and play with new applications and features offered with Google able to gather detailed feedback on their use.

The move signals a move by Google to focus on its more profitable and mainstream products.

Launch of Google Engage in South Africa

Google is launching a new partner programme to support South African web professionals working with SMEs.

The programme provides companies who supply services to businesses in South Africa access to educational resources, online training materials and promotional vouchers.

The scheme will officially launch in Johannesburg on July 19th 2011.

Google Adwords Broad Match Modifier

Adwords has recently expanded the range of keyword matching options available to include a new "broad match modifier" category.

This enables you to target a broader range of terms than the phrase option but be more specific than standard broad matching.

To use the modifier you place a plus "+" symbol in front of one or more words that you want to appear in the search phrase.

Adwords will continue to match close variants such as plurals or misspellings but the word must appear in the user's search.

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