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Cohort Analysis - Google Analytics

How Do I Use The Cohort Analysis Report?

The purpose of Cohort analysis is to understand how a metric for a specific segment of users performs over time. A cohort is simply a segment of users based on the date of their first session, so all users with the same acquisition date belong to the same cohort.

<p">The Cohort Analysis report in Google Analytics - currently in beta - allows you to compare one cohort against another, and see how the performance of those cohorts compare to one another using metrics such as pageviews, revenue, and session duration.

Cohort Analysis report in Google Analytics

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Using the User Explorer - Google Analytics

The User Explorer feature in Google Analytics is a somewhat new tool that allows you to see individual user behaviour at the session level. This allows you to understand individual user behaviour, using their User-ID or Client-ID, to gain insight into a specific user experience.

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Google Data Studio - Data Visualisation & Reporting

What looks to be a giant new leap in Google data reporting and visualisation tools – Google Data Studio - has recently been unleashed. Ahead of its international launch we thought it would be a good idea to give you a run-down of the main capabilities on offer, and prepare you for what we think will be a very important tool going forwards in the world of Analytics reporting.

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Landing Pages Showing as Not Set in Google Analytics

Landing Page = (not set)

If you are seeing (not set) appear in your landing page report in Google Analytics it could be due to a number of reasons, but most often it's because a session has been recorded with an event level hit but no page views.

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Getting Started With Google Tag Manager

Getting Started with Google Tag Manager – Publishing Google Analytics

Publishing Google Analytics to your site is relatively straightforward via Google Tag Manager. Once set up you’ll be able to add event tracking and a range of other tags to your site without having to roll out additional tracking code on your site.

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Setting Up Audiences For Remarketing In Google Analytics

Remarketing via Google Adwords offers a powerful opportunity to retarget people who have visited your site. With the introduction of Google Analytics audience lists retargeting has become even more powerful.

For example, someone may have visited your site and not completed a purchase or some other interaction you were hoping for and so targeting them with a tailored ad may encourage them to return.

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