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Data Recovery in Google Analytics

Deleting a view, property or account in Google Analytics? Until now the data would have been lost forever - fine if the deletion was intentional but not so great if made in error!

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YouTube Launches Realtime Analytics Reports

YouTube have launched a new realtime analytics report showing estimated views data for the last 5 published videos. Data is also available for individual videos.

To access the reports you'll need to be logged in as the owner of your content or channel. For each video two graphs are available:

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Improvements to Adwords Mobile Search Ads

Ads are changing on smartphones to make it easier for people on the go to find what they are looking for.

Due to roll out in mid October, ad extensions may show instead of the second line of your ad text.

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Social Analytics - Launch of Brandwatch Twitter Hindsight Service

Brandwatch, the leading social media analytics platform, have recently announced the launch of a new product allowing access to historical Twitter data going back to 2006.

With many other platforms offering up to 1 or 2 years data the new Brandwatch "Twitter Hindsight" offering means access to a full 8 years of data from the date of the very first tweet. For more information please refer to the Brandwatch Blog.

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