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New Google Adwords Policy Centre

Google have announced the launch of a new Adwords policy centre.

Due to launch in September the policy centre will bring together rules on prohibited content and practices for content you are not allowed to promote on the Google Network as well as things you can't do if you advertise with Google.

Guidelines will also be available for restricted content (where you can advertise but with limitations) together with editorial and technical guidelines relating to quality standards for your ads and website.

Why website URL structure matters to Google Analytics

Many website content management systems by default show page URLs using "query string data" - i.e. the name of the your website domain followed by a question mark and some data indicating a particular page. For example

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Social Media Analytics - Launch of New Service

Social media now forms an integral part of many companies online digital marketing strategies. With future use set only to grow and companies investing heavily in this area the need to understand the value of this investment is becoming increasingly important.

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Google Tag Manager Concepts - Tags, Containers, Macros and More...

In a previous post we talked about some of the benefits of working with Google Tag Manager.

In case you were left wondering what a container or a tag is or how you set up a tag for Google Analytics this post looks at some of the key concepts you need to be familiar with when working with Google Tag Manager.

To start off with let’s look at the structure of Google Tag Manager. This contains three main components - the Account, the Container and Tags.

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Adwords Website Call Conversion Tracking

Whilst it's possible for you to track people calling you as a result of Adwords Click to Call Ads many customers are likely to call your business after actually clicking through from a Google ad.

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Private Channel Groupings in Google Analytics

A new private channel grouping feature is currently in beta in Google Analytics.

The new channel grouping enables you to redefine channels (for personal use) and then swap to access these via a drop down from the default channel groupings.

private channel groupings in Analytics

To configure proceed to the Admin interface, and click onto "Private Channel Groupings" and create rules for each channel you want to define. A great feature is that you can create multiple private channel groupings and swap through these to view different segments of your data.


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