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Close Variant Matching for Adwords Exact & Phrase Keywords

With around 7% of Google searches containing a typo, launching in late September, Google will be applying close variant matching for all Adwords exact and phrase variants.

Close variant matching will match keywords with minor differences in punctuation (e.g. kid or kid's), match both singular and plurals and cater for common misspellings and abbreviations. Most campaigns will have had this option enabled by default and so this change will only affect advertisers who chose to opt out. For those affected the change will mean there's no longer a requirement to build long lists of abbreviated, misspelled and close variants of the terms they want to target.

Google Analytics - Bot Filtering Option

Google recently added a new bot filtering tool that can be enabled by adjusting your "view settings" within your Analytics configuration.

Bots are essentially automated software programs that access your website. Many don't run Javascript on your site and so won't be captured but those that do can often lead to unexpected spikes in traffic or inflated traffic figures that can also skew engagement metrics (e.g. a large volume of traffic from a particular source with a 100% bounce rate).

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New Brand and Generic Channels in Google Analytics

Segmentation is key to understanding online consumer behaviour and optimising your marketing channels.

A new innovation within Universal Analytics offers the opportunity to redefine your default marketing channels – splitting your Paid Search channel into Branded versus Generic terms as channels. This is important as it allows you to separately analyse the performance of brand and generic paid search terms which may have radically different performance metrics.

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Google My Business - A New Integrated Platform

Google recently announced the launch of Google My Business; a new feature which helps companies manage their google-related presence – such as Google+, search and maps – in one place.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is essentially a directory tool that will enable small businesses to increase their visibility online and garner a better understanding of their customers and effectively cater to their needs. The new platform is integrated with Google AdWords and it allows you to create and track campaigns that reveal valuable data about customers and their subsequent engagement with your services.

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Adwords and Analytics Linking

Many companies have multiple Google Adwords accounts. Historically each account had to be linked one at a time to Google Analytics. For larger companies with many Adwords accounts this process was unecessarily cumbersome.

As a result Google recently announced an enhancement to the way Adwords accounts are linked to Google Analytics. The new process allows you to link multiple Adwords account at once with the option to see all available accounts within your Adwords MCC (My Client Centre).

Linking accounts now occurs at the property level rather than the account level - making it easier for companies with a large number of properties within a single account. This means that you can now manage Adwords linking with property level Edit permissions.

An Introduction to Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring interactions with your website. It enables you to assess your marketing channels, analyse visitor journeys and capture what really matters to your organisation via goals.

The setup of Google Analytics is also pretty easy – you simply add a snippet of code that you obtain from your Google Analytics count to your site – ensuring that it appears on all pages.

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Digital Marketing Internship

We're a digital marketing agency based in Clerkenwell in Central London.

We work with a wide range of clients and specialise in web analytics, PPC management and conversion optimisation.

We're currently looking for a digital marketing assistant for a 3 month paid internship.

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Analytics Reports for App Download Campaigns

Google have recently announced a deeper integration between Adwords and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

New reports will help advertisers make informed decisions about marketing their apps.

The new reports will be made available in the coming few days and will appear under the Acquisition menu. We'll revisit the functionality available in a later blog post as it becomes available.

Conversions – Tracking Google Analytics Goals

A conversion is the completion of an activity on your site that is important to the success of your business. In Analytics conversions are measured by setting goals.

Whether your company runs an influential blog discussing the latest issues within your sector or you run an e-commerce site that attracts 1 million unique visitors a month it’s important to set goals relevant to your business.

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