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Google Analytics Summit 2013

Many Google Analytics users will have noticed some major changes to the organisation of their reports and functionality available within their accounts over the last week or so. These changes are part of a major upgrade to Analytics due to be fully rolled out over the coming weeks.

At the Google Analytics Summit in early October Google announced 14 significant upgrades to their analytics tool. Of particular interest are the ability to capture additional demographic data (e.g. age, gender and interests) and enhancements to the Adwords remarketing program (enabling you for example to target people that achieved a goal on your site or dropped out of a conversion funnel).

Additional improvements include a tool to assist with the upgrade to Universal Analytics, API tools and integration with mobile.

We'll be covering many of the important changes over the coming weeks as they are gradually rolled out.

Adwords Management - Copy & Paste

Moving AdGroups between campaigns has just been made a little easier.

Rather than relying on the Adwords Editor tool you can now take advantage of a new feature that allows you to copy and paste elements of your campaign.

Keywords, ads, ad groups or entire campaigns can now be easily moved around.

How does it work?

  • Simply select the items you want to copy
  • Click the Edit drop down button and select Copy. You can also use the Ctrl+C command
  • Navigate to where you want to paste the items
  • Click the Edit drop down button and select Paste or use Ctrl+V

Managing Upgraded Sitelinks With Adwords Editor

A new release of the Adwords Editor now supports upgraded sitelinks for enhanced campaigns. With the latest version you can:

  • View and manage sitelinks and settings, including device preference, using the new "Sitelinks (upgraded)" tab.
  • Add, edit, or remove sitelinks at the campaign or ad group level.
  • Copy and paste upgraded sitelinks between campaigns or ad groups.
  • Include upgraded sitelinks in imports and exports.

Mobile Ads Matter

A new study from Google conducted between March 2012 and April 2013 looked at mobile advertising via Adwords in the US.

The research focused on search terms that had an organic listing on the first page and adjusted data for factors like seasonality.

The results showed that a massive 88% of ad clicks from mobile searches were incremental to organic search results. This means that when ads were paused organic search didn’t make up the loss of traffic from paid ads.

New AdWords “Enhanced Campaigns” makes targeting mobile users easy allowing advertisers to reach consumers using mobile devices based upon contextual signals.

Over 51% of people in the UK now own a smartphone. In this constantly connected world, people use their phones to shop, socialize and find information. Now, more than ever, companies need to properly consider their mobile presence.

Advanced Segmentation Updates

“Advanced Segmentation” is a powerful tool that lets you isolate and analyse subsets of you traffic. And it just got better. The newly re-imagined segmentation makes for an easier, more powerful way of analysing data thanks to the new updated features.

User Segmentation now offers the option to create user segments. In a user segment, all visitors who fit the segment criteria will be selected (via specific demographics or behaviours).

Cohort Analysis. Helps analyse the long-term behaviour of specific groups of visitors. An example of a cohort would be visitors who first visited the website within a specific timeframe.

Sequence Segment. Sequence segments provide an easy way to segment visitors based on a series of on-site behaviours. For example, visitors who started on a specific landing page, visited particular pages and ended up converting.

Segment templates. Google has introduced 6 templates as follows: ‘Demographics’, ‘Technology’, ‘Behavior’, ‘Date of First Visit’, ‘Traffic Sources’ and ‘E-commerce’. You can combine configurations in multiple templates to build a segment.

New UI. The new segment card design promotes segmentation as a critical analytics technique with better visibility and readability. If you maintain a fair number of segments, new features are provided to filter, sort and search your segments in both a grid and list view.

Exclusive Use of Google Analytics Increases

According to a new report from eConsultancy 56% of businesses now rely exclusively on Google for web analytics with just 11% not using the tool at all.

This is a huge increase from 2009 when just 23% reported exclusive use of Google Analytics.

The findings are the result of a survey of approximately 900 digital marketing professional between April and May 2013.

Analytics and Adwords Integration

Google are in the process of rolling out a new Adwords integration infrastructure that will enable advertisers to add new Adwords dimensions quickly - paving the path for reporting on enhanced bid adjustments and targeting settings.

Reports in future will also reflect your most recent Adwords settings making life a lot easier if you change a campaign name for example. The changes will be gradually rolled out over the next few weeks and will ultimately lay the foundation for a series of improvements to Adwords reporting - such as being able to access reports based upon Enhanced Campaigns targeting settings.

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Google Website Consumer Surveys

Great things are coming. A new way of understanding your customers!

Google is about to launch "Consumer Surveys" - a web satisfaction questionnaire for websites enabling you to get qualitative feedback from your visitors.

It works via a discrete survey box that loads in the lower right hand corner of your website where visitors can answer four questions about their experience with your website /services.

The good news is that the basic service is free with the option for some degree of customisation for an extra $0.01 per response or $5.00 for 500 responses. The service is currently limited to the US but is likely to be available elsewhere in due course.

Adwords Review Extensions

Google is adding a new sitelink extension for search ads.

The new format allows you to add a brief review of your product or service that will appear under your main ad. Adwords enables you to add either a direct quote or a summary of a key point from the review.

To use your review must come from a reputable third party and you must ensure you have the authority to use it - ads will be checked to confirm they comply with Google's guidelines.

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Launch of Adwords Sitelink Descriptions

With the rollout of Adwords Enhanced campaigns it became possible to set up sitelinks at both a campaign and AdGroup level.

Sitelinks at an AdGroup level give people more choice over what content to click through to - great for both increasing click through rates and conversion.

Google have now announced the rollout of sitelink descriptions. These enable you to control the description that appears under each sitelink. Implementation is easy - a new "description" field appears in the sitelink creation tool. Sitelinks cannot use keyword insertion and each link must point to different content.

Testing by Google found click through rates to be significantly higher than via the same ad with the traditional 2 or 3 line sitelinks.

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