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Google Analytics / GA4 & Optimisation

Web analytics is an essential input into optimising your online performance.

At every stage of the customer journey - from initial contact with potential prospects, through to sales and returning customers - analytics can help you measure and understand what is going on. It can alert you to potential issues and help focus attention on areas that are under-performing and need improvement.

Marketing Performance

If you are promoting your site online you'll want to know how your campaigns are performing, identify the tactics that work and areas in which you can do better.

Metrics such as bounce and exit rates, customer click through analysis, conversion and e-commerce data will enable you to assess activities critically and compare the performance of different tactics.  New metrics such as engagement rate and other tools in GA4 can also help here.

Optimising Your Website

Marketing campaigns to get people to your site are only the first piece of the puzzle. Once someone has clicked through to you it's down to your website to clinch the deal.

Poorly designed landing pages or inadequate sales funnels can lead to customers dropping out - sometimes in large numbers. Analytics data can help you analyse online behaviour and identify weak points in user journeys.

Analytics can also enable you to experiment with different tactics and measure the impact of changes made. Combined with heat-mapping & qualitative feedback you can develop hypotheses, test and implement these to significantly improve performance as part of an iterative conversion optimisation exercise. The new 'funnel visualisation' reports and custom events in GA4 can prove very useful here.

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