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Google Analytics Consulting

From digital analytics strategy through to insight and analysis - we're here to help you understand your online performance.

We've worked with Google Analytics for over 17 years and have extensive experience across a wide variety of sectors.  We've delivered solutions for relatively simple SME sites through to complex, challenging assignments for sites with visitors in their millions.

We'll take time to understand your online objectives, design solutions around your bespoke requirements and ensure that reporting is business focused and actionable. We work across the full project life cycle from stakeholder workshops and requirements analysis through to digital analytics strategy development, technical implementation, reporting and analysis.

Migration to GA4

With Google's recent announcement that they will be sunsetting Universal Analytics in July 2023 it's becoming increasingly urgent for companies to migrate to GA4. Whilst the basic setup of GA4 is reasonably straightforward, ecommerce sites or others with more advanced tracking will find the process more complex.

GA4 is substantially different to Universal Analytics. In addition to a different data model there are significant differences in the reporting user interface and there's a greater reliance on custom reporting and data visualisation tools such as Google Data Studio.

Having migrated a lot of sites to GA4 we are well placed to assist should you need help in this process.

Google Analytics Audits - Can You Trust Your Data?

Our Google Analytics audit service is designed to give you confidence in your data.

We'll ensure reporting is aligned around your business objectives and provides the support you need to make informed decisions on your digital strategy.  We'll advise on best practice, recommend advanced tracking to better understand the user experience and consider third party tools as appropriate.

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Google Analytics - Advanced Setup & Configuration

If you are looking to go beyond the basics we’re here to ensure that your account is configured correctly and captures the data your business needs

We'll ensure that you have access to meaningful, actionable reporting that will help you optimise your online performance. We can help with specific tasks - such as setting up dashboards, views or custom reports - or alternatively review your account and make recommendations for improvement.

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Insight & Analysis - What Is Your Data Telling You?

Need help understanding visitor behaviour?

We can help you delve into the detail, align reporting around your business objectives and ensure that the right person gets to see the right report.

We can help you track performance data over time and identify and analyse trends. We won't consider particular metrics in isolation. Instead we'll look to consolidate our understanding via a range of data sets that together help build a picture of your customers' online behaviour.

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Marketing & Website Optimisation - How Can You Do Better?

Use your data to understand what works and what doesn't and identify areas for optimisation.

At every stage of the customer journey - from initial contact with potential prospects, through to sales and returning customers - analytics can help you measure, understand and optimise your performance.

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