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Google Analytics / GA4 - Advanced Setup & Migrations

We’re here to ensure that your account is configured correctly, captures the data your business needs and provides meaningful, actionable reporting.

With extensive experience of Google Analytics some of the areas where we can help include - but are not limited to - the following:

Migrations to GA4

  • Setup of new GA4 properties
  • Site configuration settings, enhanced measurement, cross domain tracking, filters and more
  • Migration plans from Universal Analytics
  • Custom event tracking in GA4 (enhanced options via parameters)
  • Ecommerce interactions across the full shopping funnel (including scripts to handle data in UA format)
  • Integrations with third party CMS plugins, Shopify, Synxis and more
  • Choosing and configuring conversions
  • Custom dimensions
  • Custom reporting via the GA4 Explore tool
  • Reconfiguring / adding to standard reports (e.g. Life Cycle) via library tools
  • Integration with other tools such as Search Console / Google Ads
  • Skills transfer - getting up to speed with GA4

Data Collection

  • Advanced tracking via Google Tag Manager
  • Universal Analytics (not now recommended for new sites) and GA4
  • Complex event tracking - custom events in both UA and GA4
  • eCommerce - enhanced ecommerce reporting in UA, shopping funnel events in GA4
  • Virtual page views to track user journeys through dynamic content
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Capturing additional data via custom dimensions & metrics
  • Data capture or manipulation via GTM variables
  • Floodlight, Facebook and other third party pixels
  • Conversion tracking & attribution 
  • Campaign tracking
  • GDPR / PECR and data privacy considerations
  • Troubleshooting existing implementations

Google Analytics / GA4 Configuration

  • Universal Analytics settings such as views, filters, channel definitions
  • GA4 admin and data stream settings
  • Configuring goals and funnels in UA, conversions in GA4
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Custom reports / Explore tools in GA4
  • Custom dimensions & metrics
  • eCommerce reporting - 
  • Audience definitions
  • Integration with other Google tools
  • Integration with third party tools
  • Custom reports / library tools in GA4

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